2020. 11.

Client : https://youtu.be/buAGAhhl7vk

× BYUNG-JI’ branded content for the brand ‘ALL NEW REXTON’


Agency : Daehong Comm.
Managers from Agency : Lee Beom-jin, Heo Ye-rim

Production : Dade Comm. (The SMC Group)
AE : Yoon Seung-hwan

Script Writer : Seong Gyeong-hwan (FILM PASTELOG)

Director / Editor : Seong Gyeong-hwan (FILM PASTELOG)

2D Design & Graphic Editor : Cho A-young

Cinematographer : Kwon Won-min
1st Assistant / B cam : Cha Min-ho
2nd Assistant : Lee Eun-chan
3rd Assistants : Gu Kyo-jin, Jeon Se-jin

Aerial Shot Team : FLYING CAM
Operators : Kim Young-hwan, Ko Geun

Recordist : Ham Dong-hwa

Production Assistants : Choi Hyeong-ju, Oh Hyeon-mi, Kim Yeong-hun, Park Seong-jin


contact : film.pastelog@gmail.com
instagram : @film.pastelog

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