2019. 08.
Promotional Video for 'Sookmyung Women’s University' (2019)
Production : Cinematic Person
Project Manager : Kwon Myeongguk
Brand Content Writer : Kim Minju
Director : Seong Gyeong-hwan (FILM PASTELOG)
Interviewer : Kwon Myeongguk, Seong Gyeong-hwan
Interviewee : People of Sookmyung, Fabien Penone, Jo Byeok
Cinematographer : Kim Jiryong(with Sony FS7 & F55), Seong Gyeong-hwan(with Sony A7S2), Yu Minki(with DJI Inspire2)
Gaffer : Lee Sunam
Editing : Cinematic Person, Seong Gyeong-hwan
2D/3D Graphic Designer : Lee Bora
Video Music Composer : James King
Sookmyung Women’s University Communication Team : Oh Donggeun, Choi Suyeon
Thank you, my mom.
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